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Common failures and troubleshooting methods

Lifting or lifting of the lifting platform
Lighten load
Voltage too low
Check the starter motor load potential at work. Voltage floating range allowed ±10%
Motor does not turn
Check motor and circuit
Motor reversal
Arbitrary change of the two phases in the three-phase line.
Motor phase (motor does not move, and there is a hum)
Check circuit breaker and motor connection.
Drop valve open
In the down button release state, with the voltage meter check whether there is electricity down valve. If there is no electricity, then check the line, and troubleshooting; if there is electricity, then the valve itself is ruled out fault. Drop valve spool valve must be kept clean, flexible and mobile.
Relief valve low pressure
Adjust relief valve. Adjusted under 100% rated load
The oil level is too low, the oil pump suction
The hydraulic oil fill
Oil absorbing filter clogging
Cleaning filter
Oil absorption segment leakage
Check oil suction pipe and joint; tighten the joint. Replace connectors if necessary.

Lifting Taiwan natural decline
One-way valve drain
Check valve in the valve group. If it is found that the single valve sealing surface dirt cleaning, check valve.
Drop valve closed lax
Check whether the decline in electricity, such as electricity is ruled out by the fall of the valve itself or the replacement valve failure. Drop valve spool valve must be kept clean, flexible and mobile.
Oil pipe or valve connection parts
Tighten or replace the cylinder seal
Lifting platform does not drop
Down valve failure
In the press down button, check whether there is electricity down valve. If no electricity, try to rule out; if there is electricity, the valve itself is excluded from the failure, or replace the falling valve. Down valve should be kept clean and lubricated.
Fall speed control valve
Adjust the drop speed control valve, such as the adjustment of the new valve is invalid.

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Warranty commitment
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