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  • Hydraulic Dock Leveler
  • Hydraulic Dock Leveler
  • Hydraulic Dock Leveler
  • Hydraulic Dock Leveler
  • Hydraulic Dock Leveler
  • Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Leveler is handling auxiliary equipment together with the storage platform, the platform and the development of the equipment, can according to different car height adjustment can increase or reduction, convenient forklift into cars, equipment imported hydraulic pump station are arranged on both sides of rolling proof apron, work safety and improve work efficiency.
Hydraulic Dock Leveler drive, convenient operation and reliable operation. The lip plate and the platform adopt the whole long axis connection, the strength is high, the reliability is good. Using imported seals, to ensure that the hydraulic system has an excellent sealing performance. Imported integral hydraulic pressure station with good sealing performance and long service life. High strength "U" shaped beam design can ensure its high load for a long time to run without deformation. The non slip pattern steel plate is used to make the platform have good non slip performance. The two sides fortification rolling pin apron, to prevent accidental injury caused by toe into the platform. A security maintenance personnel to enter the support bar inside the boarding bridge maintenance safety.

Hydraulic Dock Leveler configuration
1、the hydraulic system has an emergency braking function because of the sudden accident or no power supply.
2、the platform configuration anti pressure toe security guard board.
3、cable grounding protection.
4、the electronic control system set up the fault indication.
5、the platform can be tilted with the vehicle moving.
6、configuration and industrial door interlock safety protection device.
7、loading and unloading platform is provided for the overall lifting of the lifting point.

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