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  • Mast aerial work platform
  • Mast aerial work platform
  • Mast aerial work platform
  • Mast aerial work platform
  • Mast aerial work platform
  • Mast aerial work platform

Mast Aerial Work Platform  /  Aluminum Aerial Work Platform 

Mast aerial work platform adopt high strength high quality aluminum alloy material, with beautiful shape, small volume, light weight, smooth lifting, safe and reliable, etc. Widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, cinema, station, exhibition hall and other places, is to maintain machine, paint decoration, exchanging the lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, such as cleaning and maintenance purposes best partners. Excellent stability, flexible operation, easy to push. The appearance of the light, it can play the highest lifting ability in tiny space
Hydraulic oil made certain pressure vane pump, the oil filter, flameproof electromagnetic directional valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, balance valve into the lower cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder piston upward movement, improve the weight, the upper cylinder oil return by the flameproof electromagnetic directional valve back to the fuel tank, the rated pressure through the overflow valve adjustment, observing the pressure gauge pressure gauge reading values.
The hydraulic cylinder piston downward motion (both weight down). The oil in the hydraulic explosion-proof solenoid directional valve to enter the upper cylinder, and the lower cylinder oil return the balance valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, throttle valve, flameproof electromagnetic directional valve back to tank. To make the weight fall calm, safe and reliable braking, set the balance valve on back to oil, balance circuit, maintain pressure, make the falling speed is not affected by weight changes, the throttle valve flow adjustment, lifting speed control. In order to make safe and reliable braking, to prevent accidental, increase the hydraulic controlled check valve, hydraulic lock, ensure the safety of burst in hydraulic pipeline accident can self-locking. Installed the acoustic alarm overload to distinguish overload or equipment failure.

Mast aerial work platform maintenance
1, when use lifting equipment, working mesa level status shall be maintained.
2, outdoor work conditions, using personnel should wear safety rope.
3, in the process of lifting machine, forbidden to climb.
4, the stationary rises, cannot be moved after four leg hold tight may not be lifting operations.
5, do not overload operation, in use process contained items should be properly placed.
6, the hydraulic oil should be kept clean, shall not be mixed with water and other impurities, generally replaced once every six months.
7, maintenance or failure, should be promptly cut off the power supply, rose after the elevator should be fixed firmly before

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