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  • folding arm lift table platform
  • folding arm lift table platform
  • folding arm lift table platform
  • folding arm lift table platform
  • folding arm lift table platform
  • folding arm lift table platform
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folding arm lift table platform

Vehicle mounted
Aerial work equipment for mounting a lift on a car. By special chassis, working arm rack, three-dimensional full swing mechanism, flexible clamping device, hydraulic system, electrical system and safety device, etc.. Special equipment for high-altitude operation, which is composed of a lift and a battery car. It uses an automobile engine or the original DC electric power, without external power supply, can drive and drive the lifting platform, it is convenient to move, operation flow range, the product has no pollution, no exhaust, large operating range, strong liquidity. Especially suitable for cold storage, crowded area (railway station, bus station, airport). Widely used in urban construction, oil field, traffic, municipal and other industries. According to the individual requirements with blackout emergency lowering device, balance valve, automatic pressure safety device, to prevent the aerial lift platform overload safety device, leakage protection device and phase protection device, to prevent the explosion proof safety device for hydraulic pipeline rupture.

Telescopic type
folding arm lift table platform combines four wheeled mobile or car style custom, the platform in the aerial work when the operating table can be freely retractable, thereby increasing the scope of operation! Can be customized according to the actual situation. The telescopic table lifts are widely used in automobile, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling and other kinds of industrial enterprises and production lines, to meet the needs of different lifting height, also can be equipped with all kinds of table form (such as ball, roller, wheel, steering, tilting and stretching), with various control modes (classification, linkage, explosion-proof), has stable lifting accuracy, frequent start and load characteristics, effectively solve various lifting operation difficulties of industrial enterprises, the production operation easily.

E-mail Us: sdtianhong678@163.com
E-mail Us: sdtianhong678@163.com
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