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Fixed lift
Is a kind of lifting stability, goods lifting equipment for a wide range of production line is mainly used for the height difference between the delivery of goods; material online, offline; adjust the height of workpiece workpiece assembly; high feeder feeding; large equipment assembly parts lifting large machine; loading and unloading; loading and unloading places and warehouse forklift handling vehicle supporting cargo fast loading and unloading etc.. According to the requirement, the auxiliary device can be configured to carry out any combination, such as the safety protection device of the fixed elevator, the control mode of the electric appliance, the form of the working platform, the dynamic form and so on. A variety of configuration of the right choice, can maximize the function of the elevator, to achieve the best use of the effect.
Optional fixed hoist with hydraulic drive, convenient facilities and surrounding lap activities turning plate, rolling roller, rolling pin or motor to prevent safety touch, organ type safety protective cover, or motor rotary table, hydraulic turning worktable, the whereabouts of the safety and prevent the lift supporting rod, stainless steel safety protective net, electric or hydraulic elevator running power system, universal ball table.
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