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This type of products is made of steel structure or high strength steel structure bearing capacity by 0.1 to 10 tonnes, the size of product or equipment can be customized according to user needs. Operation mode can be divided into the upper and lower control and ground single control, but also point up point drop, multilayer control. In order to meet the special requirements of the special design of the hydraulic lifting platform under special conditions and other equipment supporting the use, can achieve a better match and compatibility. Ji'nan Tianhong company with rich professional experience and strong production capacity design for all kinds of users of the lifting platform special requirements, with the fastest time, to provide the best solution. Advantages: stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, maintenance is simple and convenient, safe and efficient. Control mode optional wireless remote control and other methods. The scope of application: fixed hydraulic lifting platform is mainly used for production line and warehouse, paper, pharmaceutical and other industries.
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